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This reminds me of Peter Elbow, of course. I do agree that we need to allow kids to use a more organic and natural method of writing. As a teacher, it means letting go of need to control every step of the process and allow the kids freedom to make choices, as writers. For some teachers, this can be incredibly hard but I think the rewards are greater!


You write of the recursiveness of the process. I find, with my own writing, that I "follow" a different process everytime. It usually depends on how much I have thought about the writing prior to sitting down and actually doing it. Length also affects the process for me. Allowing for this type of freedom in the classroom is quite a challenge, as is encouraging students to be aware of their own process. But I do think the freedom pays off.

Antoinette Deshazor


I first would like to thank you for sharing. Finally, I wanted to make you aware of the word "develop/ed/ment." It was misspelled repeatedly throughout the article.

Thank you.

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