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It sounds like you've hit on a good policy (although I'm not an educator and perhaps have no right to an opinon), but I have to wonder: what the hell has changed so much in the last 20-30 years?

I went through elementary school in the late 1960's and high school in the early 1970's. In those days, no teacher accepted late work. Once in a while, you might wheedle a teacher - if you had a really good excuse - but they usually knocked a grade or two off for your tardiness. If it was something important, like a term paper, then forget it.

I distinctly remember turning in a book report a day late in fifth grade. Mr McFadden refused to accept it. "They don't call it a deadline for nothing," he said.

What has changed?

Also, when those kids eventually get to the cold, cruel world, no one is going hold their hand when it comes to their "assignments". Will they have the tools they need?

Understand, I'm not criticizing. You have to deal with the kids you're handed, not the ones you wish you had. I just worry about a future where kids who can't manage to keep up with classroom assignments are running things.


Sounds good! Good luck with the new system!


What I have found to be helpful for me is the following late work policy:

LATE WORK: Late work is defined as work handed in at least one day past the due date of the assignment without the permission of the teacher. This includes group and individual presentations, papers, and portfolio checks. Late work will be scored for up to 50% of the original point value for the assignment up to the designated dates.

For the dates of October 15 - 1st trimester midterm, you may turn in work from August 28- October 12
For the dates of November 16 - 1st trimester final, you may turn in work from October 13-November 15

For the dates of January 16 – 2nd trimester midterm, you may turn in work from November 16-January 15
For the dates of February 27 – 2nd trimester final, you may turn in work from January 15-February 26

For the dates of April 23 – 3rd trimester midterm, you may turn in work from March 5-April 22
For the dates of June 2 – 3rd trimester final,you may turn in work from April 23- May 30

The dates are given out at the beginning of the year and the students are given reminders closer to the due date. Plus, the work stays relevant.

I also give them one "get out of jail free" pass- if they have a printer or computer problem, or simply cannot get something done and don't want to be penalized, then they have to give me their coupon (they get one a trimester, and the coupons are not replaceable if lost), and then they get an extra day to do it without being penalized.

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