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Dana Huff

I get so tired of being asked how many sentences to write. I can't remember that I've ever counted sentences when I grade.

Bronwyn G

I thought there were only 3-5 sentences in a paragraph, but I'll give that a miss.

J. Schlichtig

I hate having students ask me this question. I don't ever remember asking it or hearing another student ask it when I was in school. Now, when a student asks me, I just respond with: "I don't know. You haven't written the paragraph yet. When you finish it, come over and show me. I can give you a better idea at that time."


Kudos! Thank you! Gracias!

I grade by content, not by length. When students ask me how long a paper or response should be, I tell them GIGO. It's a computer science term that means "Garbage in, Garbage out." If you give me garbage to read, you'll get a garbage grade. I think they would rather have a sentence/page requirement because this technique forces them to evaluate their own work rather than do word count in Word.

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