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Emilio Pasmante

Yes yes you know this is sooo true and im glad ive stumbled into your site accidentally because i was actully look for something of some sort of how to write a fove paragraph essay quick and easy. This is what ive always wandered but Ive never actually wanted to write more than five paragraphs because it was never really encouraged by my teachers or discouraged either way teachers should be more open spirited and open minded and youve set a very supporting point and it can change many many points of views thank you, Emilio

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I agree with your post, mostly teachers do imply their tradition to student.

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I agree with your points. Even I have experienced that most teachers imply this strategy to their students.

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First, the five paragraph essay occurs in no other place other than school. I've never had to write the five paragraph essay business letter. Have you? I can't think of one type of writing I've done outside of being required to write in this form where I had to write in this form. And this is the danger.
Second, the five paragraph essay is an easy form of writing. So easy, in fact, that teachers and students never break free from it. I'd be okay if we taught this type of essay once so that students got the basic idea (everything you write needs a beginning, middle, and end, plus you need to expand upon each of your points) and then moved on. As a scaffolding tool, it's okay (I'm compromising by even going that far). But, teachers use it as an real-world form of writing when it is not.
I've even seen teachers tell students to use the form of writing on a standardized test when it makes no sense to write five paragraphs. For example, I saw a teacher advise her students to use if for a compare/contrast essay. The first paragraph was the introduction, the second was comparing the two things, the third was contrasting, the fourth was some weird thing that had NOTHING to do with comparing and contrasting, and the fifth was the conclusion. It would make more sense in that case to do four paragraphs, would it not?

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