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Jo McLeay

Hi Tim,
we're starting our new semester today too. I love your idea with the newspaper activity. It seems like a really good idea. How old are the students that you are doing this with?


I don't believe students to be the only ones capable of embracing change. No matter how many times in a row I order the pizza at lunch, I prefer variety later in the day. I won't pretend that we need earth-shaking change on a daily basis; we just need tweaks and twists on the old meat-and-rutabaga.

mrs ris

Changing things up often breeds new strains of inspiration. I enjoy reading your new inspirations... and I appreciate the idea that it really does meet kids' needs to thoughtfully move on.
This new quarter, the big change for my first and second graders is higher expectations for daily journal writing. I have to bump them out of their comfort zones, and the start of a new quarter is a great "excuse".
Wonderful blog!

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