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Bronwyn G

Yes you can, Mr Frederick. Of course you can. Many many teachers have had great successes in making students more student-y, and helping teenagers not resist school so much.

I agree: when you reflect on the process of a task, it does make you care more. It can make you proud and happy because you realise you never had that in you before. And it leads to more learning and more effective learning.

I would love to see all their portfolios and maybe make comments. Do they do work more frequently than the folios indicate, or do they select their best work, or work which best shows their development?


This post and the last are very interesting. I hope you don't mind if I share them with my colleagues. You've given me a lot to think about!


Thank you for both of your posts on reflective learning. It reminds me of the importance of being reflective myself about my own work, and modeling that reflective thinking for my students. Bronwyn's comments are most meaningful. Is Bronwyn a student in your class?

Bronwyn G

Hello Geb!

As you might see from clicking on my blog if you can, I am actually in Australia.

It would be nice to be a teacher assistant in Mr Fredrick's class.

I look forward to reading much more about reflective learners and comparing and contrasting my own practice, and picking up tips so I can be a more reflective learner for life.


I agree with Nani and Bronwyn, wholeheartedly. I would like to use the analysis of comments with my kids, and have them write a short response to one of their own pieces. May I?

Stephen Lazar

Tim - Thanks for taking the time toput this together. Your data set has been incredibly helpful for my thoughts about teaching reflection. I posted more on my blog.

Mills, L

You ask, "But, how do I help the non-reflective learners do the thinking and reflecting in the first place. Is that something you can teach?"

Absolutely. You teach that student first by modeling reflective language. You will probably need to model it over and over and over. Then gradually release responsibility for reflecting to the student as he becomes more competent.

Two things will help your disengaged learner become more engaged in school:

#1 You, the teacher, spending quality, one-on-one time with the student.

#2 Gradually teach that student how to be a reflective thinker.

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Tim - Thanks for taking the time toput this together. Your data set has been incredibly helpful for my thoughts about teaching reflection. I posted more on my blog.

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may chieu

@Bronwyn G: i agree with your statement :"I would love to see all their portfolios and maybe make comments." yes. In my school, teachers always let all students try to finish their homework byself. After that they checked the knowledge by 15' test. That's an effective educational method ^_^

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