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NYC Educator

I don't think it matters whether or not they're lazy. I'm lazy too.

But I gotta do what I gotta do, and they gotta do what they gotta do, and what I gotta do is make them do what they gotta do.

Otherwise, what do they need me for?

the reflective teacher

Ditto what NYC Educator said.

I've heard a lot of teachers in my school describe kids as lazy. This is a label that's easy to place upon students.

I know I've said some students are unwilling, and that some students refuse, and that some students just don't do the work, but I don't think I've ever called a kid lazy.

My only problem is finding those roads that lead me into why the student does not do what I ask. As you said, we should seek those underlying causes (and I agree with you). But sometimes it's difficult to find the way in.

Sometimes it's a conversation with the kid, sometimes it's taking them to a counselor. Sometimes it requires having daily meetings over nothing other than a hang-out session. Sometimes it requires giving freedom to the rest of the class so you can focus on that one kid who really needs a boost.

We gotta find a way to reach each student.

While I'm guilty of saying at least a few students just won't work, I know I've tried to find a way, and will try more diligently this coming year.

Tim Fredrick's ELA Teaching Blog

Sometimes the roads into the child's underlying problem can be very difficult to navigate. Calling a child "lazy" is a way to avoid the difficult parts of our job. I'm not saying we will always find the underlying causes of problems, but we should try. I object to the "lazy" label because it is not even trying.


I agree that calling students "lazy" is pretty "lazy" of teachers. I have said this about students (not to students) in the past, but I will try to avoid it from now on. I was usually refering to a student who is capable and bright, but simply not doing the work required. I am sure there are much more complex explanations for such behavior, like "afraid to fail," or "under-stimulated", or even "depressed," to name a few.

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I completely agree with your nicole that lazy labeled is dangerous for students future.

Tim Anderway

everybody is lazy by nature. it takes the guts to survive in this competitive world. I think self-education is the best solution

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