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Well, I might be biased but...
I think another purpose for blogging is the networking aspect--communicating with other teachers about the work they are doing, and sharing your own work.

Tim Fredrick

Goodness - I just posted this and already you've commented!!! Hahaha.

To me, 'communicating' and 'sharing' are reflective activities and because I'm always communicating and sharing at my school, I don't feel as strong of a need to post to the blog. Of course, I always value the colleagues I've met and the advice I've gotten. But, I wonder if I had been having this experience at my current school this time last year whether I would have ever felt the need to blog or would have done it this long.

I guess I'm thinking about the question "Why do we blog?"

Tom Hoffman

I think there is "I'm reflecting on this changing process blogging" and there should also be "I'm publically and permanantly documenting, in a still fairly low-stress and informal way, my more or less stable teaching processes blogging." We've got a fair amount of the former, due to the novelty of the form, but I'm looking forward to more of the latter.

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