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Katie Schoen

Reading this blog has made me even more aware of the importance of learning and having as much experience as possible before actually becoming a teacher. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and all the schools I attended did not have any major behavioral problems in the classrooms (like in the classrooms of the NYC Teaching Fellows classrooms.) We had a good amount of funding which helped keep the teachers from being put in positions like some mentioned in the Teaching Fellows article. Students and teachers always had books and supplies. Over the past two years I have been thinking that I would really like to teach in the poorer areas of Chicago that are not as fortunate as the areas I grew up in. I realize though that teaching in those areas will require more experience than I would have fresh out of college. I do not want to be scared away from teaching like some of the teachers in the Teaching Fellows program. I want to be a successful teacher, and feel like I have really made an impact in my students lives. So, I am beginning to feel like I should start out teaching in a better off school and then move in to a school with less funding where teachers do not necessarily want to work.
It seems like the teaching fellows has a good idea, providing more teachers to the rural areas, but it does not seem like they are making sure that the teachers are certified and ready to be teaching those students. Just providing any teacher isn't exactly solving the problem because it doesn't mean that the students are truly learning any better. It seems to me that teaching in an area like that would require more training and possibly even a more experienced teacher with the new teacher in the classroom at first. Or maybe they should spend their student teaching time in a classroom similar to the ones in NYC where they will be teaching.
In response to the new teachers getting put in rougher situations, it just seems like that is how it is in most jobs. The "newbies" do not have as many choices because they do not have as much experience. But I think that more experienced teachers should be more open to using their skill in new places and trying to help students who may be more in need.


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